From Brand Strategy to design Execution & Brand management, Highly is the only UK brand agency you need to transform your business from unknown to unforgettable.

Not just a branding agency.

If you want to elevate your brand value in all areas then you’ve just touched down on the perfect planet. We’re bringers of branding brilliance, and we come in peace. Together, with our accomplished branding and design expertise, we can form an inter-brand-lactic alliance to position your business at the very top of the terrestrial table.

Let Highly strap high-value boosters to your brand – get ready to take off.


We create on-brand names that are impossible to forget

Logo Design

We make lively logos that stick in the brain

Brand Identity Design

Looking for a little change in personality? We’ll sharpen your brand’s identity to help you connect with your growing audience

Graphic Design

Colourfully creative and dexterous design that pops off the page

Packaging Design

Perfectly poised packaging with personality

Branding Management

We endlessly analyse the market to improve your brand’s perception with a watchful eye always on achieving objectives & maintaining growth

Our core Branding services also include:
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Product Development
  • Design Consultation
Examples of our Branding work
Our clients love their new Branding

There have been quite remarkable and definitely ‘Eureka’ moments uncovering what I never realised was underneath my nose!

I feel the future of our brand is going to really add value when it comes to an exit strategy later down the line.

Jason Edwards
Managing Director

A breath of fresh air! Highly gave clear advice and direction to the organising committee in terms of what would and would not work well. We were really happy with the way Highly was able to develop concepts that epitomised what we were seeking to convey.

The final product was really excellent! Both during and after our conference, delegates gave very positive feedback about the design work, together with the appearance and quality of the publicity and brochure.

Simon Taylor
Ablaze UK

I cannot recommend Highly strongly enough. My website looks fresh and vibrant and is incredibly easy to use, both for my customers and myself. Highly was incredibly patient with me, they were happy to explain things to me repeatedly and were so good at guiding me around my website until I felt comfortable with it.

Farah Hamid
Cooking Instructor
Kitchen Skills

I cannot recommend Highly strongly enough. It was a pleasure to work with them and I am thrilled with my new website and the logo and branding for my new business. Daniel was thoroughly professional and I felt he really cared about my business. It wasn’t just another job for him. A pleasure to work with.

Farah Hamid
Cooking Instructor
Kitchen Skills

I am thrilled with the Doodleland branding, it has fulfilled my brief and more! Customers always comment on the eye catching design and my new branded packaging. The Doodleland brand has given me scope to develop my product base in the future. The service and attention I have received from Highly has been excellent. I would thoroughly recommend them

Leanne Hopkins

Highly Creative Partnership.

Take your brand to the next level
Excellent Branding will only get you so far - you'll need more if you want to build an Unforgettable Brand.

Let Highly take care of all your creative needs. We’ll buildgrowscale your business for you.

  • Dedicated team of branding & marketing specialists
  • Bespoke brand transformation blueprint
  • 1 – 2 year subscription & no long-term commitment
  • Flexible, affordable & scalable
  • Collaborate with your existing teams
  • 90-day guarantee
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Highly is a full-service creative agency with firm roots in strategic thinking & design excellence. We thrive on taking businesses to the next level using our proven Branding Masterplan framework.

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