Welcome to Owain – Highly’s Newest Team Member

Highly is excited to announce its first-ever employee who was hired through the Government Kickstart Scheme, we are delighted to announce the employment of Owain.

A Little Bit About Owain

Owain has a healthy obsession with business, entrepreneurs, and marketing – especially digital marketing. 

Owain started studying Business and Management (with Marketing) at UWE and later completed a degree in Business and Management at UWTSD

Before working with Highly, Owain secured an internship with a tech startup. During his three months at Trusted KYB, Owain spent time learning, presenting, and writing blogs about blockchain technology, digital marketing, and online fraud to help promote their business. 

Owain joined the Highly team, at the beginning of August halfway through his internship.

When Owain’s not working

Owain spends his time exercising in the local gym, walking in the great outdoors, and reading self-development books, all of which he finds very important for his physical and mental health.

Another hobby of Owain’s is watching the Premier League and supporting his local football team.

How Have The First Few Weeks At Highly Been For Owain?

During the first couple of weeks, Owain spent his time familiarizing himself with Highly’s products and services; The Branding Masterplan, and one of Highly’s free courses; The Unforgettable Branding Strategy. After feeling slightly apprehensive about landing himself with a job in the industry Owain is so passionate about, he began to feel at ease and was excited to help Highly build Unforgettable Brands. 

After three months of working at Highly, Owain has settled into the role and has been honing his blog writing skills and will soon start marketing Highly through social media.

The Author: Owain Revitt
I am Highly's social media and marketing assistant, I love all things related to marketing, self-growth, and building Unforgettable Brands.