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Cartref Cynnes & Ty Dyffryn – Carmarthenshire, Wales

Featured Historical Photography WallS

In the final stages of constructing these two new care homes in Carmartheshire, Wales, the interior design team at Tina Davies Childs commissioned us to work alongside them to bring life to the public spaces. To celebrate the history of Carmarthen and Ammanford, we were asked to design and install a featured wall in the reception areas with photographs of the towns past and present.

The final results ware timeline scenes depicting local landmarks and iconic moments over the last 100 years.



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Photography & Videography

Tŷ Dyffryn

Tŷ Dyffryn in Ammanford offers 50 luxury apartments in an area surrounded by stunning views of Welsh rolling hills to singles and couples from 50 years of age.

Following the success of the featured wall project at Cartref Cynnes in Carmarthen, the interior design consultancy firm, Tina Davies Childs commissioned Daniel with a further instruction to design and install a featured wall with photographs past and present, to celebrate the history of Ammanford and its surrounding areas. This historical photography wall would feature in the reception area of the Tŷ Dyffryn residential home, depicting a historical timeline of Ammanford with photos past and present.

The design for the featured wall was based on it’s sister-site project in Carmarthen. Mockups were sketched and signed-off prior to taking my camera gear around Ammanford to collect images for the background artwork. A special thanks goes out to Cath Morris and the team at the South Wales Guardian for supporting this project. In particular, thanks to Terry Norman of Ammanford and District, Archaeology and History Society, Tina Williams, Scott Michael and everyone else who submitted their photographs.

Jill Pethick

Project Manager - Carmarthenshire Extra Care Schemes | Family Housing Association (Wales) Ltd.
The feature wall at Cartref Cynnes not only looks beautiful, it has opened up lots of topics of conversation with our tenants and visitors and all the services that visit us.

It really is a great place for people to stop and talk to each other and keep the history of Carmarthen alive and allow people to share their stories.

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